Latest Publications


From critique to reaction: The new right, critical theory and international relations

Jean-Francois Drolet, Michael C Williams Journal of International Political Theory, 2021.

The radical Right, realism, and the politics of conservatism in postwar international thought

Jean-Francois Drolet, Michael C Williams Review of International Studies, 2021.

International Political Sociology - March 2020
Confronting the International Political Sociology of the New Right

Rita Abrahamsen, Jean-François Drolet, Alexandra Gheciu, Karin Narita, Srdjan Vucetic, Michael C Williams International Political Sociology, March 2020.

Journal of Political Ideologies
America first: paleoconservatism and the ideological struggle for the American right
Jean-François Drolet and Michael C Williams Journal of Political Ideologies, 2019.
The view from MARS: US paleoconservatism and ideological challenges to the liberal world order
Jean-Francois Drolet, Michael Williams International Journal: Canada’s Journal Of Global Policy Analysis, 2019.

International Theory
Radical Conservatism and Global Order
International Theory, 10(3) 2018: 285-313.
International Studies
International Relations in the Age of the Image
International Studies Quarterly, 62(4) 2018: 880-891.


Security Beyond the State: Private Security in International Politics
Rita Abrahamsen and Michael C Williams Cambridge University Press, 2011.

Articles & Book Chapters

The Darkness at the End of History
Michael C Williams in Polity, volume 54, number 4, October 2022.
Conservatism, Civiility, and the Challenges of International Political Theory
Michael C Williams in Vassilios Paipais, ed., The Civil Condition in World Politics, University of Bristol Press 2022).
Aesthetic Realism
Michael C Williams In Historiographic Investigations in International Relations, edited by B. Schmidt and N. Guilhot (London: Palgrave, 2018), pp.61-79.
Interlocuting classical realism and critical theory: Negotiating ‘divides’ in international relations theory
Hartmut Behr, Michael C Williams Journal of International Political Theory, 2016.